Why You Need To Hire A Videographer For Your Wedding

Relive The Highlights Of Your Big Day Again and Again

Make room in your budget for a videography package and capture your entire wedding on camera.

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. After months or even years of excitement, planning and possibly some nerves, your actual wedding will zip by in a flash leaving beautiful pictures, memories and anecdotes to pass on to your children and loved ones. Photography is an absolute must at any wedding but having a video of your big day is equally as important. Hiring a professional videographer to cover your celebrations is a decision you’ll never regret.

Tell Your Story

Budgeting for a wedding photographer is very typical when putting together a list of suppliers, but videography is less common which is a real shame. A wedding video creates a romantic story from the beginning to the end of your wedding day. Set to one of your favourite tracks, your finalised footage will be edited so that it shows all of the highlights from your day. Tears and laughter will be caught on camera, from the gasp of your guests when the bride enters, to the cheers when you share your first kiss as a married couple.  Parts of your footage can be played in slow-motion, or black and white to add that dreamy vibe to your video, and the entire playback will be a stunning collection of memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

 The Parts You Miss

No-one gets to experience every single part of their wedding day. The groom isn’t usually present when the bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready, nor will the bride get to soak up the atmosphere in the church or civil wedding venue waiting for the ceremony to begin. Often, photos are taking place during the champagne reception, so key members of the bridal party are also absent whilst the guests are chatting and sharing stories about the bride and groom. But the Capture House Weddings team explains that if you hire a videographer who specialises in using a documentary approach, they will blend into the background, capturing the raw moments of the wedding as they unfold and allowing you to watch back your entire day without missing a thing.

Videos Are Easy To Share

Whether you’re looking to upload your video on your wedding blog and social channels, or send a copy to your grandparents who were unable to make the trip, videos are a fantastic way to share your celebrations even further. If you’re having a small ceremony or a destination wedding and there are loved ones who you’re unable to invite or who can’t manage the journey, then sharing your wedding video allows them to feel part of your special day.

The beauty of a wedding video is that is encapsulates the highlights of your wedding day in history so you can relive them over and over again. From the speeches, to your first dance, and that hilarious moment where your aunt took a tumble during the Macarena, you’ll never regret having a copy of your wedding video in your collection.

Quality wedding videographers get booked up far in advance, so if you’ve already set the date then it’s time to secure the services of your professional videography team asap!