Unique Ways to Decorate your Garden

The things that surround your plants make it that welcoming space for guests to gather. It is also a sign that your garden is a happy place, filled with things to discover and plants to admire.  This can be a difficult feat, however. After all, you have a green thumb but may not be as keen on design.

If you’re struggling to find ways to make your garden unique in the decoration department, you don’t need to stress. Below we detail ways to make your garden the most unique in your neighborhood, city, or even country!

Antiques and Secondhand

If you have ever been to a yard sale, antique store, or a thrift store, you know that there are so many different unique pieces that you can use to put flowers in! Even something as simple as a wheelbarrow can turn into something unique when you put dirt in it and plant some of your favorite flowers.

Some of our favorite ideas include taking an older wire chair and planting vines around it so that the vines grow into the spaces between the wire and

Incorporate Wildlife

If you are wanting to have plentiful fruits, as well as a lively and happy garden environment, you can incorporate many different elements that encourage animals to visit your garden. For example, incorporating water fountains, birdbaths, and birdhouses. If you want more bees in your garden, encourage them to come with flowers and possibly give them bee houses in your trees.


Lighting can be an essential part of your garden landscape. If you would like to add more decor to your garden, you can add different light fixtures. Stringing twinkle lights on the branches of your trees, or even hanging lanterns on low hanging branches to give some sort of source of light to your garden.

Additionally, if you have a seating arrangement in your garden, you can add lanterns to the armrests of your seats, the patio they’re on, or even around a fire pit to set the lighting mood for the area. Bare bulbs work great for hanging above seating areas because they provide adequate reading and working light, so you can do both of those things in the comfort of your garden.

Activity Spaces

If you want to have designated areas to hang out, watch movies, read, or talk with friends in your garden, you probably have areas or layouts to do those things. Decorate them! This can be an easy way to make your garden seem more inviting, even if you aren’t actively bringing people into your space.


Everyone loves spending time in their garden, but it can be hard to decorate it so that other people want to spend time in their garden. If you’re wanting to decorate your garden, you can do some quick research to find simple and cheap DIY projects or even by using our list to visit your local garden store, hardware store, or secondhand store to get your own decorating ideas in place.