How your home can benefit from warm air heating

Warm air heating is something that not everybody is aware of but can be an easy, affordable and effective way to heat your home.

Despite radiator central heating systems being more commonly used nowadays – warm air heating systems have been one of the most efficient heating solutions for over 40 years.

What is warm air heating?

Warm air heating systems are designed to heat the property by drawing in the cooler air from outside and turning it into warm air by passing it through a heat exchanger or a gas flame (depending on type). As the cool air passes the exchanger it is heated up and the warm air is then blown into the rooms around the house via vents or wall, floor and ceiling grilles. It will continue to heat the house at a comfortable rate until the required temperature on the thermostat is reached.

Once the property reaches the desired temperature set by the occupants it will move onto standby mode and kick back in when the temperature dips below the pre-set level.

There is a choice of either gas or electric warm air heating systems and the type you need might depend on your requirements or your home itself.

Benefits of warm air heating

Here are just some of the many benefits of a warm air heating system;

Space saving

Maybe you don’t like the look of radiators or maybe your home has a tricky layout or limited wall space? Whatever it is, warm air heating systems eliminate the need for bulky, awkward radiators throughout the house which provides more space and makes room layouts and furniture placement much easier.

Speedy Heating

Heat up times are fast which means your home can be toasty warm in no time.

Save Money

Warm air heating systems are extremely energy efficient and can reduce your running costs by up to 18% when compared to the use of traditional boilers.

No Noise Nonsense

These systems run quietly so there’s no need to worry about noise levels.

Clean Air

Systems can include an additional filtration option which can remove up to 95% of potentially harmful particles from the air before it enters your home. By filtering out pollution, bacteria, cigarette smoke, pollen, allergens and mould you can enjoy clean, fresh air in your home. This can be extremely beneficial for those with hay fever or respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Heat Distribution

The way the warm air is distributed provides even heat distribution throughout the home as opposed to just warming the immediate area in front of it like some other systems and eliminates the cold and hot spots that often occur.


Unlike more traditional central heating systems, because of the way the warm air systems are set up they are much more reliable and won’t suffer from issues such as leaking radiators, frozen pipes and broken valves etc. 


With some modern systems there is the potential for an added benefit of using it as an air conditioning system in the warmer months so it has dual purposes!

If you are looking to update your existing warm air heating system or considering it for your property, then be sure to speak to a professional heating company who can help advise you on the best heating solution for your home.