How to get your home clutter free for Christmas

How to get your home clutter free for Christmas

Christmas is on its way and although you might already have plenty to do – having a thorough clear out of key areas of your home is a great way to get ready and make room for the trees, gifts, decorations and extra items that will be taking up space.

All I want for Christmas… is a clutter free home

Here are some of the best areas to focus on for your Pre-Christmas de clutter;

  • Spare Rooms

If you have relatives coming to stay over the festive season, then you might have a spare room that needs a bit of a clear out. Spare rooms are often the ‘go to’ dumping ground for all the extra and random items that we don’t have a place for. Go through all drawers, wardrobes, storage and units – getting rid of unwanted items and for those you want to keep that aren’t regularly used consider moving to a better storage space such as the garage or loft.

With a clear, clean spare room you’ll be able to warmly welcome your guests without that last minute panic.

  • Children’s Toys

Toys can very easily take over the house so whether it’s their bedrooms, playroom or other areas where toys are stored be sure to go through it all. It can be best to do this when children aren’t there as otherwise they tend to insist that the headless Barbie doll is suddenly their favourite toy and stop you from getting rid of anything.

This is also a great way to take stock of what your children have ahead of time which makes present buying and gift ideas easier and prevents doubling up or ending up with yet another set of playdough.

  • Kitchen

Your kitchen will likely be used a lot over Christmas with social get-togethers, family meals and of course Christmas day itself. By giving your kitchen a good clear out you can make sure it’s clean and clutter free for more relaxed Christmas cooking.

Have a think about what needs doing but food cupboards, fridge, freezer, junk drawers, pantry’s and utility rooms are all a great idea to prioritise. This will help make space for all the extra Christmas food and drink that you will need to find a place for.

  • Clothing

Chances are as the colder months draw in you have already moved out your summer clothes and grabbed last year’s scarves and jumpers from their hiding place without much thought. Use this time to go through yours and your family’s drawers and wardrobes to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or is no longer worn.

This is a helpful way to make space but also get a sense for any items your family might want or need for Christmas. Maybe your partner’s slippers are looking a bit tired or your son’s favourite hoodie is getting too small? Get ahead of the game and put them on your shopping list to surprise them with on Christmas day.

What do I do with everything?

So you’ve been ruthless, the house is organised, tidy and free from unnecessary clutter and unwanted items – but what do you do with all the stuff you need to get rid of?

Selling – Make yourself a little extra Christmas cash and sell unwanted items on the likes of EBay and Facebook Sales.

Charity – There are so many great causes that are happy to take anything from clothes, toys and accessories to furniture so do your bit for a good cause and donate.

Dispose – Items that are unable to be sold or given to charity will need to be disposed of responsibly. Why not take the hassle out of clearing your house with skip hire in Brentwood and avoid the heavy lifting and tip runs in the rain. Simple, straight forward and affordable skip hire is a great way to clear out your home so you can fully enjoy the festive season.