Fall Home Decor Ideas

Fall is coming up soon and it can be so fun to start decorating your home to welcome the new season! You can always take the spooky route early, decorating your home with Halloween themed decorations and carving pumpkins. If you want to keep it closer to the Thanksgiving side, fill your home with leaves, uncarved pumpkins and delicious food smelling fragrances.


Fall is known for changing leaf colors, and it can be important to incorporate this into your home if you’re wanting to decorate it for a fall theme. If you plan ahead, you can also plant flowers that are good for the fall and celebrate the season. Here are a few ideas: Chinese Bellflowers, Snakeroot, Sweet Alyssum, Celosia, Michaelmas Daisy, Beautyberry, Goldenrod, Heather, Helenium, Heliopsis, Iberis, Chrysanthemums, Pansies, Russian Stage and Sedum.

Indoor Decor

There are so many things you can do in your house to show that you’re getting into the fall spirit. Decorate your couch will fall-themed pillows that have red brown and yellow coloring, or maybe turkeys and pumpkins.

You can add differently colored decorations if you don’t want to work with patterns or with holiday themes. Lay out a throw blanket on your sofa or couch, or even get new bedding to match a dark red or yellow theme.

You can also do different DIY projects to decorate your home for fall. Check them out below!

DIY Projects

If you’re big on fun home projects, a DIY project is an easy opportunity to decorate your home with a fall theme. You can do tons of fun DIY projects for decorations, such as pumpkin jam jars, different wreaths, floral arrangements and different blankets being knitted.

Pumpkin Checkers

This can be a super fun way to give your living room a unique touch that is super easy to make. Simply visit a local pumpkin patch or grocery store to pick up some small pumpkins in two colors: orange and white. You can use a slab of wood to paint a checkerboard easily and then arrange the pumpkins as pawns.

Pumpkin Barrel

This project is so easy to do and so much fun to put out on your porch. Simply go to the pumpkin patch (maybe take one trip when you go for your pumpkin checkers!) and pick up a large pumpkin. Fill it with burlap, let it overlap the top of the pumpkin, and fasten it with golden pins. Fill it with fruits and vegetables like apples and squash!


If you’re wanting to decorate your home with fall decor, you can do so with easy DIY projects, floral themes, or do it according to holiday celebrations. Keep in mind that you can even use local produce or your garden to bring the fall spirit into your home.

Fall decorating is so much fun; So what are you waiting for? Go get started!