Homes Without Security Are Five Times More Likely To Be Burgled

Simple Steps To Defend Your Home From Thieves

Understanding what deters criminals from targeting your home will help you choose the best security methods for your property. has both revealed that homes who haven’t installed any security features are five times more likely to be the targets of thieves than those with simple preventative measures in place. An additional study of one-time burglars carried out by Which has discovered that you’re much less likely to be the victim of a burglary if you have a robust alarm system in place.

There are a number of approaches you can take when looking to secure your property, and actually it’s better to have a suite of protection methods in place, so that if one fails to deter a burglar, something else might stop them in their tracks.

Don’t Tempt Thieves

Although a burglary is never the fault of the homeowner, as no-one should trespass on your property, let alone steal your possessions, it’s fair to say that there are plenty of steps you can take to dissuade thieves from seeing your property as a target. Leaving doors and windows open can be a huge invitation to the opportunist who is looking for quick access and an exit route. You should also lock your doors and windows to ensure that no-one tries to force their way through whilst you’re sleeping or away for the evening.

Light Them Up

Burglars don’t like to be on show, so the more you can do to take away their cover, the better. If you have high hedges then it’s important to trim them back, even if that means that the neighbours are able to see into your garden. You can also install security lights which will shine a beam on criminals as soon as they activate the trigger.

Install An Intruder Alarm

The threat of an alarm going off when a burglar has entered your home is also enough to persuade most thieves to move on elsewhere when looking for their next target. The latest intruder alarms incorporate the most contemporary detection devices which include dual tech and passive infrared technologies, magnetic reed contacts, glass-break detectors, vibration detectors and floodlighting. These devices can also send a signal to a remote location and alert you that an intruder is present. An intruder alarm Essex team also notes that installing a detection system can lower your home insurance premiums so long as you always turn it on when you’re out, you’re entirely honest with your insurance provider about the model you have, and you don’t use a dummy alarm instead of the real deal.

Beware of the Dog

Perhaps the most historic type of home security, a barking dog is still considered to be an effective defence against a robbery, particularly if the dog is loud! Burglars are aware of the potential harm that an angry, loyal dog can cause when trying to defend their home and would much rather try their luck elsewhere. If you don’t have, or don’t want a dog, then visual deterrents such as a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign or even barking dog audios are available to give the impression that your home is in fact fully canine-protected.

If your home is lacking on the security side, don’t wait around to become a burglar’s next crime scene. Take immediate steps to secure your home, providing you with maximum peace of mind that a burglar is five times more likely to look elsewhere!

Best Entertainment Ideas for Kids Parties

How To Create A Dream Birthday For Your Child

Party entertainment ideas to inspire you for your child’s next birthday!

Now that the autumn term is fully underway, it seems that there’s a birthday bash to be invited to every weekend. So, when it comes to throwing a party for your own little one, you’ll want to create an event that’s got absolutely everything on offer. The look of delight on your son or daughter’s face when they walk into their own birthday party, filled with balloons and all of their best friends is absolutely priceless. As a parent, it’s great to be able to sit back and watch all the fun unfold, leaving the party in the experienced hands of a children’s entertainer. If you’re wondering what sort of kids’ party package to book, here are some tried and tested favourites that are guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face.

Magic Show

Kids love to be amazed, and a party magician will do just that. Tricks will be targeted at the age group of the children and can even involve some participation with the help of the birthday boy or girl if they’re happy to help. You might see some coins being pulled out from behind ears and rabbits appearing from top hats. Some magicians also branch out and wow the children by showing off their balloon modelling skills, making anything from sausage dogs to swords and of course sharing their creations with the party guests.

UV Discos

Aimed at children aged 9 or over, a UV disco is the modern approach to a traditional dance party according to this popular Children’s Entertainer Kent team. When you send out the party invites, you can let everyone know that they’ll need to prepare their outfit by dressing in either black or white, and then use neon paints over the top in whatever pattern they choose. The kids love the fun of getting ready and can accessorise with headbands and glow wands. Party games are advised for those under the age of 12, but otherwise the latest hits will be played as your kids boogie their hearts out beneath the disco lights.

Bouncy Castle Party

There’s something about a bouncy castle that kids just love. The feeling of flying through the air gets the little ones giggling with glee, and leads to a really sociable experience when your best friends are jumping with you. The only thing about bouncy castles is they tend to be pretty exhausting physically, so it’s a great idea to have some extra activities on offer to enjoy between bounces. A face painter is always popular, as children can choose from a number of designs before opting to be a tiger or an ice princess. You might also want to supply a tasty treat that both the kids and adults can enjoy – so why not hire popcorn and candy floss machines which will distribute unlimited amounts for the duration of the party? Bouncing and a sugar rush – what more could you ask for?

These are just a few of the best children’s entertainment ideas, but there are many more that your child would have a ball with too. The key to choosing the right party package is to have a chat with your little one about what they’ve enjoyed at other parties and what their ideas are for their next birthday. You’ll simply love creating their dream birthday party this year!

Working From Home As A Transcription Specialist

Getting Started In Audio Typing Work

Transcription work is both challenging and rewarding, and fits in beautifully with your home life.

Whether you’re a work from home parent looking to diversify your workload, or someone with a 9-5 job who wants to make a little extra cash doing freelance work, transcription work offers plenty of flexibility in the role. Transcription is the art of listening to an audio file, and then typing it out word for word until it reads as a meaningful interpretation of the speech or conversation that was required to be transcribed. If you want to get started as a transcription specialist, then read on!

Basic Requirements

Experience is always useful when setting out as a transcription specialist. Work is usually provided through an agency, or through freelancing sites where transcriptionists bid for jobs. Those with valid experience in transcribing are more likely to win the work, or secure an agency position. However, if you are completely new to transcription, there are other skills that you can bring with you to help convince that you’ll do a great job on the project.

First, you should have a typing speed of at least 50 words per minute, with up to 75wpm required for time-sensitive work. You’ll also need a near-perfect accuracy rate. Remember also that even though you may have a fast typing speed for regular secretarial work, audio typing is more challenging and therefore you may not necessarily be as fast in this discipline.

You must also possess excellent grammatical skills, paying close attention to punctuation and of course spelling. Being comfortable with technology is also important, as audio files are usually encrypted due to the sensitivity of the data contained in them. So experience using SSL authentication would be advantageous, or else a willingness to learn how to use it.

Working From Home

The beauty of working in transcription services is that it fits well into freelance life. There’s no need to commute into an office environment to complete the work. That being said, you’ll need to ensure that your home work setup is free from distractions. So although this is a job that could fit in around family life, you’ll need to be able to concentrate fully on the audio file so it would be best to work at quieter times of the day – for instance, if you have kids then waiting until they’ve gone to bed or are at nursery or school.

Earning Expectations

The amount of money offered in transcription work does of course vary depending on the client, but on average you could expect to receive 40p-80p per minute of audio recording. Therefore, the amount you can earn each day is very much dependent on how quick you are at getting through the file, but you could reasonably expect £6-16 per hour. Work which is more challenging, perhaps in a tricky sector such as legal, or pharmaceutical may offer work at the higher end of the payment bracket, but you’ll need to be adept at understanding the niche terminology used in the recordings, or at least have quick research skills.

If you think you have what it takes to be a transcription specialist, then begin by updating your CV or completing an application firm with an agency. Alternatively, you could put together a portfolio to upload to a freelancing site. You may need to start on a lower wage, but if you can demonstrate attention to detail to your clients, it won’t be long before this could turn into higher-paying, regular work to fit around your home life!