The Emotional Impact of Alopecia

Hair Loss Can Feel Overwhelming At Any Stage in Life

Whether you’re male, female, young or old, losing your hair and having your physical appearance change can cause distress. But you’re not alone!

Alopecia is not a life-threatening condition, but it can certainly change your life. There are three types of alopecia, which is a general term for hair loss. Alopecia areata is the most common and refers to coin-sized bald patches which appear on the scalp. If the entire scalp is affected, then this is known as alopecia totalis, and if it eradicates hair from the whole body, this is alopecia universalis.

Alopecia can affect any person, male or female at any stage in life. It is thought to be an autoimmune condition where the body attacks the hair follicles, causing the hair to stop growing. Being diagnosed with alopecia at any time can be both shocking and distressing, which has a huge impact on your emotions.

When You’re Diagnosed

Before receiving a formal diagnosis, you or a family member may start to notice that your hair is falling out more rapidly than it should be. Sometimes it is other people close to you who spot that bald patches are forming on your head. This can be extremely hard to come to terms with, and waiting for an appointment with a GP, or a referral with a dermatologist can feel like an eternity. There are thought to be links between alopecia and stress, which becomes a vicious circle as it’s hard to stay relaxed when dealing with hair loss. You might also feel frustrated that there’s no cure for alopecia. Some people in the early stages of diagnosis may be given treatment, although this isn’t available on the NHS. Finasteride is suitable for male pattern baldness and minoxidil can be used for both male and female hair loss. The effectiveness of these drugs is limited as they don’t work on everyone and are expensive.

Alopecia in Children

Some people are diagnosed in early childhood, which may be easier as young children won’t know any different. However, youngsters will also have to contend with other schoolkids asking insensitive questions about why they haven’t got any hair. Secondary school children may find it particularly difficult as teenage years are often associated with body consciousness and the supposed importance of things like learning to style your hair or shape your eyebrows!

Alopecia in Adults

Both men and women can be affected – it may seem that men should be more prepared for hair loss, but even though society is used to seeing males with a bald head, it can still be distressing for a man to come to terms with a radical change in appearance. Feelings of frustration, anger and anxiety can be common across both sexes. Many women with alopecia opt to wear wigs for alopecia. These are customised for your individual style and head shape, allowing you to feel like you once again. Made from 100% real hair, these wigs are cool, comfortable and move perfectly to emulate a real head of hair. They’re a really important way for people to regain some confidence following a diagnosis of alopecia.

If you’re struggling with the emotions of alopecia, whether you’re recently diagnosed or have experienced the condition for some time, it can be comforting to share your story with others who may be going through the same situation. Reach out to a local alopecia support group or an online forum and pick up tips on how to cope, whilst letting out some of your feelings.

How to lose weight without fad diets

The most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off

Britain is a nation of fad dieters, but there are far more effective ways to lose weight and keep it off – from regular exercise to weight loss hypnosis.

Britain is a nation of dieters, with two thirds of us claiming to be on a diet at any one time. However, despite this obsession with dieting, over two thirds of Brits are classed as overweight or obese – so something clearly isn’t working.

The problem is that, for most people, losing weight and keeping it off can be incredibly difficult. In desperation, a lot of people turn to so-called fad diets, but these can be counterproductive, causing more problems than they actually solve.

The problem with fad diets

While fad diets may offer a quick fix, they can also be incredibly problematic. Most of these diets encourage you to exclude one or more food groups and, when continued in the longer term, this can cause nutritional deficiencies, potentially leading to serious conditions such as depression, anaemia and osteoporosis. This restrictive approach to food has also been known to trigger unhealthy behaviours, which can often spiral into full blown eating disorders.

Perhaps the most damning indictment of fad diets is that they don’t actually work. Sure, you might see some short-term results, but most of these diets are impossible to sustain for any significant length of time. And, as soon as you revert to your old eating habits, you’re likely to see the weight piling back on – often with a little extra to boot!

Luckily, there are a number of effective weight loss methods that offer more sustainable results.

A balanced diet

One of the most tried and tested ways to lose weight is to follow a healthy and nutritionally-balanced diet. But this doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself and sticking to a strict calorie-controlled plan. Instead, concentrate on limiting your intake of processed foods and following a varied diet that is full of wholegrains, lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables. And don’t forget about portion control. Many of us are eating more than we need to, and cutting your portion size can offer a quick weight loss win.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is also a great way of shedding the pounds, as it burns calories, builds lean muscle and boosts your metabolism. As an added bonus it will also increase your fitness and improve your overall health. Experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, so think about how you can build more physical activity into your daily routine. Even small changes can make a big difference, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, or leaving the car at home and cycling or walking to your destination instead.


However, if you find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet, or are unable to take regular exercise for whatever reason, you may want to consider an alternative approach. One dieting method that has grown in popularity in recent years is hypnotherapy for weight loss. By combining traditional hypnosis and visualisation techniques with counselling and talking therapies such as Neuorlinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, weight loss hypnosis aims to identify and tackle any underlying issues, giving people the tools they need to change their relationship with food and make permanent and positive lifestyle changes.

Professional advice

Before embarking on any weight loss regime, it’s always best to seek advice from a medical professional, particularly if you have a large amount of weight to lose. They will be able to point you in the right direction and provide you with advice and guidance to help you lose weight safely and effectively.

Choosing The Perfect Residential Park To Live In

From The Location to The Legalities

Before you start viewing mobile homes, follow this guide to picking the perfect residential park facility to be based in.

More than 250,000 Brits live in residential parks, enjoying the benefits of living within a community, whilst in a picturesque location. A great option for those looking to escape urban living or wishing to downsize, residential parks are both affordable and a practical choice for anyone in their later years. Parks are based all over the UK, and do vary in terms of the mobile homes available as well as the type of community on offer – some will be quite peaceful whilst others have much more of a sociable vibe to them. This guide breaks down some of the factors to consider when looking for your perfect residential park home.

Where To Buy  

Deciding where to buy a residential park home, is much like the thought process involved when you buy a traditional bricks and mortar property – it all comes down to location, location, location! Perhaps you might have a residential park just down the road that seems like the perfect base for you. Or else you might want to buy a mobile home in an area that you’ve visited several times before on holiday. If you’re considering moving to a place that is reasonably new to you, even if you’ve been there as a tourist, it’s worth imagining what it would be like to actually live there throughout the year. Think about the practicalities such as how close you are to local shops, a GP surgery, or the bank. Do you have pubs and restaurants nearby that you’d enjoy going to? And if you depend on using the internet, what is the broadband connection like?

Take A Look At The Actual Community

Once you’ve found an area you’d be happy to live in, the next task is to narrow down a list of residential parks to look at. It’s important to gain an idea of what the community is like and whether that matches your expectations of park living. Does the park have age limits that are appropriate for you? If you have pets, are they welcome? Or if you don’t have pets, would you be happy living next door to a dog that barks? As with all types of home, you might want to find out a little about your potential neighbours to ensure that you’d be comfortable living in close proximity to them.

The Legalities of Your Residential Park Home Lease

With residential parks, you own the home that you live in, but not the ground that is stands on. A residential park solicitors Essex based professional explains that it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying and the terms of the lease for which you’ll be paying an annual pitch fee. For example, some leases require you to vacate the park for a set number of months per year. The park also has the right to increase the pitch fee they charge, so you should research how often they tend to do so and if the price hike would be comfortable for your finances.

Buying a residential park home can be quite complex, and much like purchasing a traditional property, you should hire an experienced conveyancer to help you with the legalities of the process. This will provide you with peace of mind that you know exactly what you’re purchasing and your legal rights once you’re moved in!

Why Families Are Moving to Chelmsford

Everything You Could Want To Offer Your Kids

From schools to the seaside, Chelmsford has it all for young and growing families.

As the county town of Essex, Chelmsford was granted city status in 2012 and frequently makes it onto top 10 lists for the best places to live. In 2019, Chelmsford was ranked the 6th best place to live in the East of England, but actually topped the list the year before. As a result of love for the area, house prices in Chelmsford have increased by as much as 40% in recent years, which is testament to the demand to live in this beautiful part of the county. Although Chelmsford certainly attracts singles and couples without children who want to snap up a city centre apartment, families are also flocking here to take advantage of Chelmsford’s enviable qualities.


You’re spoiled for choice with schools in Chelmsford. The two grammar schools, King Edward VI (KEGs) and Chelmsford County High for Girls, regularly achieve GCSE and A-Level results that are amongst some of the best in the UK. Selection is tough and based on the 11plus and consortium exams, but other secondary schools in the area are equally sought-after. The Beaulieu Park School is new to the development, taking in children from primary school right the way through to sixth form. At a secondary level, children are given extra time in traditional subjects which is made possible by the slightly longer school days.


For those who need to travel into London for work, Chelmsford is ideal. The station offers fast connections into Stratford in just 26 minutes, or Liverpool Street in 36 minutes. A second train station is due to be built at Beaulieu, although this has been delayed until 2025.

Chelmsford is also well-positioned for drivers – it’s just a short drive to the M25 via the A12 and Brentwood. Or if you need to go north, the A131 connects you quickly with access to Suffolk and Norfolk.

Family Days Out

Chelmsford city centre seems to improve every year, as high-end shops move into new developments such as the Bond Street shopping village. But if your family quickly tires of wandering around the shops, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. Jump Street is an indoor trampoline park that is fun for mums and dads too, but if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, then head to the beautiful Hylands Park which offers 574 acres of land to wander around. It’s free to access the grounds, and the kids will love the onsite adventure playground.

The coast is also within easy reach – whether you prefer a stroll down the promenade and a splash around the water park of Maldon, wading into the sea at Frinton, or a ride on the fairground at Clacton, you’re spoiled for seaside choices when you live in Chelmsford.

Housing Stock

An average family-sized house in central Chelmsford might cost you in the region of £350,000-400,000. Chelmsford has plenty of period housing stock, from Victorian terraces, and 1920s detached homes, although a local Chelmsford estate agent explains that new-build properties tend to also be very popular with families, due to the space and community that they provide. The Beaulieu Park development is incredibly popular and expects to be filled with over 3,500 homes from 1 bed flats up to 5 bed detached homes.

If you’re looking to spread your wings a little and provide a larger nest for your growing family, then Chelmsford has absolutely everything you could want to offer them. So why not get in touch with a local agent today and view some properties?

Why You Need To Hire A Videographer For Your Wedding

Relive The Highlights Of Your Big Day Again and Again

Make room in your budget for a videography package and capture your entire wedding on camera.

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. After months or even years of excitement, planning and possibly some nerves, your actual wedding will zip by in a flash leaving beautiful pictures, memories and anecdotes to pass on to your children and loved ones. Photography is an absolute must at any wedding but having a video of your big day is equally as important. Hiring a professional videographer to cover your celebrations is a decision you’ll never regret.

Tell Your Story

Budgeting for a wedding photographer is very typical when putting together a list of suppliers, but videography is less common which is a real shame. A wedding video creates a romantic story from the beginning to the end of your wedding day. Set to one of your favourite tracks, your finalised footage will be edited so that it shows all of the highlights from your day. Tears and laughter will be caught on camera, from the gasp of your guests when the bride enters, to the cheers when you share your first kiss as a married couple.  Parts of your footage can be played in slow-motion, or black and white to add that dreamy vibe to your video, and the entire playback will be a stunning collection of memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

 The Parts You Miss

No-one gets to experience every single part of their wedding day. The groom isn’t usually present when the bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready, nor will the bride get to soak up the atmosphere in the church or civil wedding venue waiting for the ceremony to begin. Often, photos are taking place during the champagne reception, so key members of the bridal party are also absent whilst the guests are chatting and sharing stories about the bride and groom. But the Capture House Weddings team explains that if you hire a videographer who specialises in using a documentary approach, they will blend into the background, capturing the raw moments of the wedding as they unfold and allowing you to watch back your entire day without missing a thing.

Videos Are Easy To Share

Whether you’re looking to upload your video on your wedding blog and social channels, or send a copy to your grandparents who were unable to make the trip, videos are a fantastic way to share your celebrations even further. If you’re having a small ceremony or a destination wedding and there are loved ones who you’re unable to invite or who can’t manage the journey, then sharing your wedding video allows them to feel part of your special day.

The beauty of a wedding video is that is encapsulates the highlights of your wedding day in history so you can relive them over and over again. From the speeches, to your first dance, and that hilarious moment where your aunt took a tumble during the Macarena, you’ll never regret having a copy of your wedding video in your collection.

Quality wedding videographers get booked up far in advance, so if you’ve already set the date then it’s time to secure the services of your professional videography team asap!

Homes Without Security Are Five Times More Likely To Be Burgled

Simple Steps To Defend Your Home From Thieves

Understanding what deters criminals from targeting your home will help you choose the best security methods for your property. has both revealed that homes who haven’t installed any security features are five times more likely to be the targets of thieves than those with simple preventative measures in place. An additional study of one-time burglars carried out by Which has discovered that you’re much less likely to be the victim of a burglary if you have a robust alarm system in place.

There are a number of approaches you can take when looking to secure your property, and actually it’s better to have a suite of protection methods in place, so that if one fails to deter a burglar, something else might stop them in their tracks.

Don’t Tempt Thieves

Although a burglary is never the fault of the homeowner, as no-one should trespass on your property, let alone steal your possessions, it’s fair to say that there are plenty of steps you can take to dissuade thieves from seeing your property as a target. Leaving doors and windows open can be a huge invitation to the opportunist who is looking for quick access and an exit route. You should also lock your doors and windows to ensure that no-one tries to force their way through whilst you’re sleeping or away for the evening.

Light Them Up

Burglars don’t like to be on show, so the more you can do to take away their cover, the better. If you have high hedges then it’s important to trim them back, even if that means that the neighbours are able to see into your garden. You can also install security lights which will shine a beam on criminals as soon as they activate the trigger.

Install An Intruder Alarm

The threat of an alarm going off when a burglar has entered your home is also enough to persuade most thieves to move on elsewhere when looking for their next target. The latest intruder alarms incorporate the most contemporary detection devices which include dual tech and passive infrared technologies, magnetic reed contacts, glass-break detectors, vibration detectors and floodlighting. These devices can also send a signal to a remote location and alert you that an intruder is present. An intruder alarm Essex team also notes that installing a detection system can lower your home insurance premiums so long as you always turn it on when you’re out, you’re entirely honest with your insurance provider about the model you have, and you don’t use a dummy alarm instead of the real deal.

Beware of the Dog

Perhaps the most historic type of home security, a barking dog is still considered to be an effective defence against a robbery, particularly if the dog is loud! Burglars are aware of the potential harm that an angry, loyal dog can cause when trying to defend their home and would much rather try their luck elsewhere. If you don’t have, or don’t want a dog, then visual deterrents such as a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign or even barking dog audios are available to give the impression that your home is in fact fully canine-protected.

If your home is lacking on the security side, don’t wait around to become a burglar’s next crime scene. Take immediate steps to secure your home, providing you with maximum peace of mind that a burglar is five times more likely to look elsewhere!

Best Entertainment Ideas for Kids Parties

How To Create A Dream Birthday For Your Child

Party entertainment ideas to inspire you for your child’s next birthday!

Now that the autumn term is fully underway, it seems that there’s a birthday bash to be invited to every weekend. So, when it comes to throwing a party for your own little one, you’ll want to create an event that’s got absolutely everything on offer. The look of delight on your son or daughter’s face when they walk into their own birthday party, filled with balloons and all of their best friends is absolutely priceless. As a parent, it’s great to be able to sit back and watch all the fun unfold, leaving the party in the experienced hands of a children’s entertainer. If you’re wondering what sort of kids’ party package to book, here are some tried and tested favourites that are guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face.

Magic Show

Kids love to be amazed, and a party magician will do just that. Tricks will be targeted at the age group of the children and can even involve some participation with the help of the birthday boy or girl if they’re happy to help. You might see some coins being pulled out from behind ears and rabbits appearing from top hats. Some magicians also branch out and wow the children by showing off their balloon modelling skills, making anything from sausage dogs to swords and of course sharing their creations with the party guests.

UV Discos

Aimed at children aged 9 or over, a UV disco is the modern approach to a traditional dance party according to this popular Children’s Entertainer Kent team. When you send out the party invites, you can let everyone know that they’ll need to prepare their outfit by dressing in either black or white, and then use neon paints over the top in whatever pattern they choose. The kids love the fun of getting ready and can accessorise with headbands and glow wands. Party games are advised for those under the age of 12, but otherwise the latest hits will be played as your kids boogie their hearts out beneath the disco lights.

Bouncy Castle Party

There’s something about a bouncy castle that kids just love. The feeling of flying through the air gets the little ones giggling with glee, and leads to a really sociable experience when your best friends are jumping with you. The only thing about bouncy castles is they tend to be pretty exhausting physically, so it’s a great idea to have some extra activities on offer to enjoy between bounces. A face painter is always popular, as children can choose from a number of designs before opting to be a tiger or an ice princess. You might also want to supply a tasty treat that both the kids and adults can enjoy – so why not hire popcorn and candy floss machines which will distribute unlimited amounts for the duration of the party? Bouncing and a sugar rush – what more could you ask for?

These are just a few of the best children’s entertainment ideas, but there are many more that your child would have a ball with too. The key to choosing the right party package is to have a chat with your little one about what they’ve enjoyed at other parties and what their ideas are for their next birthday. You’ll simply love creating their dream birthday party this year!

Working From Home As A Transcription Specialist

Getting Started In Audio Typing Work

Transcription work is both challenging and rewarding, and fits in beautifully with your home life.

Whether you’re a work from home parent looking to diversify your workload, or someone with a 9-5 job who wants to make a little extra cash doing freelance work, transcription work offers plenty of flexibility in the role. Transcription is the art of listening to an audio file, and then typing it out word for word until it reads as a meaningful interpretation of the speech or conversation that was required to be transcribed. If you want to get started as a transcription specialist, then read on!

Basic Requirements

Experience is always useful when setting out as a transcription specialist. Work is usually provided through an agency, or through freelancing sites where transcriptionists bid for jobs. Those with valid experience in transcribing are more likely to win the work, or secure an agency position. However, if you are completely new to transcription, there are other skills that you can bring with you to help convince that you’ll do a great job on the project.

First, you should have a typing speed of at least 50 words per minute, with up to 75wpm required for time-sensitive work. You’ll also need a near-perfect accuracy rate. Remember also that even though you may have a fast typing speed for regular secretarial work, audio typing is more challenging and therefore you may not necessarily be as fast in this discipline.

You must also possess excellent grammatical skills, paying close attention to punctuation and of course spelling. Being comfortable with technology is also important, as audio files are usually encrypted due to the sensitivity of the data contained in them. So experience using SSL authentication would be advantageous, or else a willingness to learn how to use it.

Working From Home

The beauty of working in transcription services is that it fits well into freelance life. There’s no need to commute into an office environment to complete the work. That being said, you’ll need to ensure that your home work setup is free from distractions. So although this is a job that could fit in around family life, you’ll need to be able to concentrate fully on the audio file so it would be best to work at quieter times of the day – for instance, if you have kids then waiting until they’ve gone to bed or are at nursery or school.

Earning Expectations

The amount of money offered in transcription work does of course vary depending on the client, but on average you could expect to receive 40p-80p per minute of audio recording. Therefore, the amount you can earn each day is very much dependent on how quick you are at getting through the file, but you could reasonably expect £6-16 per hour. Work which is more challenging, perhaps in a tricky sector such as legal, or pharmaceutical may offer work at the higher end of the payment bracket, but you’ll need to be adept at understanding the niche terminology used in the recordings, or at least have quick research skills.

If you think you have what it takes to be a transcription specialist, then begin by updating your CV or completing an application firm with an agency. Alternatively, you could put together a portfolio to upload to a freelancing site. You may need to start on a lower wage, but if you can demonstrate attention to detail to your clients, it won’t be long before this could turn into higher-paying, regular work to fit around your home life!

The Six Most Iconic David Bowie Songs

Exploring His Musical Legacy

Choosing just six David Bowie songs is a challenge, but these tracks sum up what made him a musical legend.

David Bowie released so many brilliant songs during his long career, it’s hard to narrow them down to just a few. Spanning his career, our six top picks show why he still remains one of the most influential musicians in the world. So, ready to set aside some time to revisit your favourites?

Space Oddity

Space Oddity was David Bowie’s breakthrough hit. Released at the height of the Space Race in the late 1960’s, the tale of a doomed astronaut made it a hit all over the world. Decades later, it was covered by a real astronaut on board the International Space Station.

Golden Years

Recorded for the Station to Station album, Golden Years is considered by many to be one of Bowie’s signature songs. Soulful and catchy, it’s been used in many films and TV shows. Recorded during a time of great personal difficulty for Bowie, it shows that joy can be found everywhere.

Life on Mars

If you were asked to name one David Bowie song, chances are you would say Life on Mars. Perhaps his most well known track, it was recorded during his iconic Ziggy Stardust phase and features cryptic lyrics. In 2012, just a few years before his death, it was voted his best ever song.

Let’s Dance

David Bowie was the king of reinventing himself, and the release of Let’s Dance introduced him to a whole new group of fans who were unaware of his earlier work in the 60’s and 70’s. Released in 1983, it was produced by Nile Rogers and was one of Bowie’s fastest ever selling songs.

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes revisits the iconic ‘Major Tom’ character first mentioned in Space Oddity, and was described by Bowie as his personal farewell to the 1970’s, where he had reached incredible levels of fame. Dark and chirpy all at once, it’s easy to see why some say it is the definitive Bowie track.


Perhaps David Bowie’s most bittersweet song, Heroes tells the tale of two lovers living on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall. Interestingly, it was not a hit when it was first released, but in the following years it became one of his signature songs, charting once again after his death in 2016.

David Bowie prints

Looking back at the incredible songs David Bowie released, it’s easy to see why he is such a musical icon. If you want to pay homage to him in your home, why not add some David Bowie prints taken by one of his friends to your home? Some of the images were even taken during the recording of Station to Station, one of Bowie’s most acclaimed albums. So you can have a piece of musical history on the wall, something that will impress all of your guests.

A legend who is sorely missed

Whether you have been a Bowie fan right from the start or you have discovered him in the years after his death, there’s no doubt that there will never be another artist quite like him. So add a little Bowie flair to your day by playing one of his songs – and invest in some stunning new prints for your home too.

How To Reduce The Hidden Costs Of Selling Your Home

Being aware of selling costs and where you can save money on them

It’s estimated that at least a quarter of property sellers underestimate how much it costs to sell their home, so at an expensive time the last thing you need is further costs you hadn’t bargained for.

Being aware of hidden selling costs and saving where possible will help avoid nasty surprises.

Estate agent fees

Not really a hidden cost as anyone selling is aware that the estate agent charges for their services usually in the form of a percentage of the selling price of the property as their selling commission.

Where you can save money on fees is in going sole agency; this is where you instruct just one agent to sell your home as opposed to multiple estate agents. Most usually charge a lower commission for sole agency.

Another important point to check is what is included in their fee and what may be chargeable as extras – perhaps certain marketing costs.

It’s important to choose an experienced, local and reputable property professional who will be transparent with their costs and fees so you know where you are. For sellers in Essex a suitable professional could be found with an ‘estate agents Romford’ search.


Again you’ll be aware that legal help is needed to progress your house sale, but don’t miss out on ways to save and at least be aware of the full costs.

Ask if they’ll charge a fixed fee rather than by the hour; this will help you budget more accurately, as will having an itemised quote showing what’s included so as to avoid any hidden extras such as being charged extra for photocopying or postage.

Check their contract or terms carefully.

Preparation for sale costs

You may have to spend a certain amount on making your home more saleable; it could be as simple as a few tins of paint to redecorate the hallway or perhaps certain repairs are required.

A shopping list of seemingly minor improvements can soon add up, so save where you can.

Your estate agent should be able to advise on what is and isn’t worth doing to your property to help it sell. Listen to their advice as they’re experienced in what helps to sell a property, and will be ‘on your side’ in helping you to maximise your chances of making a quick sale at the asking price without spending excessively on repairs and renovations.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

You are required by law to have an EPC that informs potential buyers as to the energy efficiency of your property.

You may be able to get a slightly better deal by arranging one yourself with an accredited assessor, but your estate agent can organise this for you – it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Removal costs

More of a cost when the actual time comes to move, but planning ahead and being aware of where costs could be saved is worthwhile.

If using a removal company there are ways to save costs:

  • Packing – if you do your own packing it’s likely to work out cheaper than the removal company doing everything
  • Include everything – if you do use a removals firm, ensure they’re aware of the full scope of your house move; for example, forgetting to tell them the loft or a garden shed needs clearing will be added to their bill
  • Book ahead – you can often secure a better price by booking as far ahead as you an and choosing a midweek moving day
  • Shop around – compare removal company costs amongst different companies

You could save with alternative moving methods:

  • DIY – move yourself using perhaps a hired van and the help of some friends and family
  • ‘Man with a van’ – a halfway house between moving yourself and using a removals company is to hire one of the many operators who are happy to do general moving of items with a van. They’ll be cheaper than removals firms and have some know how when it comes to moving bulky items

Planning ahead

As with many major projects, when selling a property planning ahead and attention to detail will help you save money and avoid hidden costs.